We’ve got blogs!

Hey there! Ben Low, owner and occasional brewer here. Thanks for checking out this long-overdue addition to our website. 

On the beer blogs we’ll attempt to give you some notes on each one of our brews (please be patient – it will take a while to get caught up!). We’ll try to let you know why we brewed it, how we brewed it, what food we recommend to pair with it, and probably some useless but hopefully interesting trivia as well. We’ll also reveal a handful of technical details for those beer nerds out there.

Basically, this is to give you a better glimpse at what happens on the other side of the glass wall, where all that shiny metal is. We have a pretty good idea of the most common questions about our beers and we’ll try to anticipate those, but if there’s something you’re curious about that we don’t cover here, please reach out in the comments or on social media and we’ll try to get back to you.

Finally, why now with the blog? Well, we’re releasing our beer in cans for the first time today, and we love talking about beer too much to fit it all on a can. If you just want to crack one and drink it, that’s great. But if you scan those little QR codes on the cans and menus, this is what you’ll find.

There will also be posts about coffee, events, and other fun stuff here too, so keep an eye out and look for the tags.

Thanks for reading, and cheers!