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…and stuff our lawyer made us say.

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The Fine Print:
• Founders Community memberships are first-come, first-served, and will be on sale, if available, until the day we open for business.
• If you’re interested in a membership, call or email us. We’ll send you a membership form. You fill it out and bring it in with the appropriate membership fee and we’ll contact you to discuss details like naming of equipment and picking up your Founders Community thank-you goods.
• You’ll start receiving updates on our progress toward opening shortly thereafter, as well as an invitation to join our members-only Facebook page.
• You’ll receive your invitations to our grand opening party as soon as we’ve scheduled it.
• As soon as they go on sale, you’ll receive information about the annual CSB memberships, and you’re guaranteed availability to buy a membership in the first year.
• In subsequent years, all CSB members will have a two-month exclusive period for renewing their shares . After that, they’re first-come, first-served.
• The Founders Community membership is for life, so if you can’t renew your CSB membership for a year you still get your discounted event tickets; or if you take a job in Japan for 5 years and then move back, you’re still eligible for the exclusive annual renewal period and your discount. Forever.

Our Lawyer Made Us Say:
Membership in the Founders Community or CSB program does not entitle the purchaser to any share or interest in the profits or losses of the Company. This is a program that helps people buy beer and other services in advance, which you will then consume. By signing up for this program, you acknowledge that this is not a security and you are not acquiring an equity interest in the Company, and that you are not holding your membership for investment purposes. That would be silly. Everyone knows good beer doesn’t last. Its rewards come in the form of great taste and good cheer, not stock dividends. You are purchasing a Founders Community and CSB membership because you like beer and want the chance to drink more of it for less money, and to help support a new local business, not because you’re seeking a return on an investment. That’s why Founders Community and CSB shares are not transferable, and why Side By Each Brewing Co. reserves the right to alter the terms of the Community Supported Brewing program at any time.

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