People deserve easy access to great coffee. At Side By Each, we take providing that service for the fine people of Auburn, Maine very seriously. From methodically selecting green coffees, to meticulously roasting every batch, to carefully preparing beverages just for you – we consider doing coffee right to be a top priority.

A cup of coffee is a globe-spanning labor of love. From the farmer at origin who picked coffee cherries one-by-one, to our beer-vistas who wake up at the crack up dawn to provide coffee for the caffeine-craving masses; a mind boggling amount of effort goes into ensuring everything is done well all along the way. We believe that doing things right is the least we can do to honor all the work that came before us.

Lastly, we steadfastly believe that the best coffee is the one you like to drink, the way you like to drink it. Everyone is welcome to enjoy what they like; we’ll do our best to make sure we have something you’ll love.