• Levity – House Light Roast

    Levity – House Light Roast

    I’ve worked in coffee for a long time. While I’d never purport that time spent in an industry has any inherent correlation with things such as ‘skill level’ or ‘quality of takes’, one thing a longer tenure undeniably affords you is an opportunity to see things come and go. Some things are cyclical. For instance,…

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  • Sister Cities Coffee Porter

    Sister Cities Coffee Porter

    Side By Each has offered a full coffee menu since we opened our doors in 2019. Having coffee and breakfast means we can be open more hours, and we’re on the morning side of a busy road, so it made sense from a business perspective. We’re all about offering a wide range of craft beverages,…

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  • Bog Nog Cranberry Sour

    Bog Nog Cranberry Sour

    Bog Nog is one of our most popular winter seasonals. In most of our kettle sours, the sweetness of fruit balances the acidity of the sour base, but cranberries are so tart that this is certainly the most sour beer we regularly make. For those who may not know what a kettle sour is, I’ll…

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  • Moonlight Sonata Vienna Lager

    Moonlight Sonata Vienna Lager

    Moonlight Sonata Vienna Lager is one of my (Ben’s) favorite beers. We brew this one in the mid-fall to early winter, right on the heels of Flannel Pajamas Oktoberfest/Märzen, and that affects the way we make it. Vienna lagers, Märzens, and Oktoberfests are closely related (sometimes brewers refer to them as VMO’s), and even though…

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  • Uncle! New England IPA

    Uncle! New England IPA

    When Side By Each opened in 2019, there were lots of other breweries opening, and many if not most of them were focused on hazy, juicy, New England IPAs. We had no problem with that, and it was clearly working for them, but it just wasn’t what we wanted to do. We wanted lots of…

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  • Kuriro Rice Lager

    Kuriro Rice Lager

    We like to say that variety is our flagship beer at Side By Each, but Kuriro is one of the two beers we have on just about all the time, for a couple of good reasons. The first is that we try to  offer something for just about everyone, and Kuriro is the perfect craft…

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  • We’ve got blogs!

    We’ve got blogs!

    Hey there! Ben Low, owner and occasional brewer here. Thanks for checking out this long-overdue addition to our website.  On the beer blogs we’ll attempt to give you some notes on each one of our brews (please be patient – it will take a while to get caught up!). We’ll try to let you know…

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