about us

Matt Johannes and Ben Low founded Side By Each Brewing Co. with the vision of creating a diverse range beers they’re proud of and serving delicious locally roasted coffee beverages in a welcoming space that fosters friendships old and new. They plan to do this within the framework of a sustainable business that can support the company, themselves and their employees, as well as Auburn and the wider local community.

Matt and Ben became brewers via wildly different routes, but both worked most recently at nearby Baxter Brewing Co., Ben as Director of Brewing Operations, and Matt as Head Brewer. Matt and Ben earned professional brewing certification at the American Brewers Guild, and they love brewing and drinking just about any kind of beer, provided it’s made well. If they had to pick a desert island beer, Ben would choose Fantôme Saison, and Matt wouldn’t get sick of Czech Rebel.Artboard 2 copy 3

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